iar for stm8 V2.20.2(含破解)


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iar for stm8 V2.20.2(含破解)


The add-on product C-STAT for static analysis is now supported. C-STAT features innovative static analysis that can detect defects, bugs, and security vulnerabilities as defined by CERT and the Common Weakness Enumeration, as well as help keeping code compliant to coding standards like MISRA C:2012/2004 or MISRA C++:2008. For more information, see the C-STAT Static Analysis Guide.

Parallel build
IAR Embedded Workbench can now build projects using multiple parallel processes. This can improve build performance significantly on multi-core or multiple-processor computers. To enable parallel build, select Tools>Options>Project>Enable parallel build.

Improved code generation and optimization
The compiler generates smaller and faster code for certain source program constructions.

Eclipse support
An Eclipse plugin is now available that allow the IAR C/C++ Compiler, Assembler and Linker to be run from within Eclipse.

Updated device support
SFR header files, linker configuration files, and device description files have been added for the latest STM8 devices.

Updated user documentation
The IDE Project Management and Building Guide has been updated to reflect the product changes.

IAR 快捷键列表 嵌入式开发

IAR 快捷键列表

*Ctrl+Shift+V 列出剪切板中所有的字符串供选择粘贴 Ctrl+B 智能选择光标所在括弧内的区域,多次使用可选更大的区域 Ctrl+T 对选择区域进行自动缩进 Ctrl+K 注释掉选择区域 ...
IAR更改代码字体 嵌入式开发


在IAR Option选项里,可供选择的字体太少,大多数还是不好看的。其实是可以通过配置文件调用所有系统字体的。如下: 首先在你的系统盘里找到这个文件,地址是: C:\Users\你的用户名\AppD...
IAR常用快捷键和使用小技巧 嵌入式开发


这篇文章主要是我在IAR使用过程中用到的一些很方便的快捷键和小技巧,方便自己查阅而使用。 1、复制和粘贴几行的部分代码 需求:有时候我们需要复制几行代码的后半部分,不需要复制前半部分。 方法:按住Al...